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Birthdate:Feb 24
Location:(states/regions/territories), Australia
I never know what to say in these things... So, uhm, stats:
Name: We'll go with 'Ishara' for the moment, if or when I get to know and trust you, then you can know my real name. Sounds paranoid, I know, but I have my reasons.
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Appearance: Humanoid.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Happily in a long term relationship with my boyfriend [info]nkari
Location: A little planet in the milkyway galaxy, specifically, Victoria, Australia.
Occupation: Jack of all trades, master (mistress?) of none.
Hobbies: Arty crafty stuff - The mediums I'm primarily into are Sketching with pencil and paper - mostly greylead but occaisionally I'll use colour, Silver & Gemstones in Lapidary and Jewelling, Pewter (for casting somewhat larger objects), Leatherwork, Stained Glass. I like to play with Clay when I get the opportunity, too. Reading (it goes without saying, really), writing.
Spirituality: I'm a pagan witch, with leanings toward Babylonian Reconstructionism.
Heritage: I'm an Australian Bitza (a few bitza this, a few bitza that) from my maternal line, I have English, Scottish, French, Danish and Jewish blood. From the paternal line, I've got Russian heritage, and if what my Babushka said is true, there's a side serve of Romany there as well.
Misc: I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It effects my life. Enough said, really.

Take a look at my interest list... Ok, so the list is by no means complete, but I ran out of space. It does however give you a general idea of the kind of stuff I'm into.

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